A day in the life of a Flight Attendant

Our Flight Attendants come to work with an open mind and eyes wide open, expecting the unexpected, and ready to respond to whatever may come their way.


While there are some important routines to prepare for the day, the very nature of catering to the needs of people means that there are some things you can’t plan for. A day in the life of a Flight Attendant looks like:

1. Different days.

Even when you’re flying the same schedule you may have flown a thousand times, you never know what to expect or who you will meet.

2. Different Time Zones.

Some days you could be in three different cities, which means being alert to the different cultures and differing time zones. You serve and look after up to 750 people per day. Be ready to be surprised from time to time.

3. Preparation.

Each day demands its fair share of paper work, team motivation, emails and routine preparation.

4. Safety first.

Safety is our number one concern which is why Flight Attendants undergo a one hour briefing every day. You will also discuss customer comfort, ensuring the best possible service.

5. A new team to work with.

Most days you will work with new team members, making new friends along the way.

6. There is no 9-5.

Our Flight Attendants work shifts, and those shifts can vary!

7. Your home life will change.

Many Flight Attendants have to handle the most demanding customers at home, before they come to work. If you have family, prepping meals and lunches for family members before you fly can be part of your day.

8. Health and Fitness is important. 

Flight Attendants stay fit by working out after their day is done at their hotel. You have to wind down from the day’s work and keep healthy.

9. You share meaningful moments. 

Whether it’s an on-board proposal or a customer’s first flight, our Flight Attendants witness and take part in these memorable experiences.

10. You represent New Zealand. 

You bring kiwis home to their loved ones and are the first representative of New Zealand to our many international guests.

11. You can travel. 

You have the opportunity to sightsee at the end of your day. Why not explore a new city that you call home for the night?

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