Air Nelson wants you

Ever thought of a career as a Flight Attendant?


Become a Regional Flight Attendant and enjoy these benefits;

1. See the whole country in a day.

In the course of your day it is possible for you to start at the very top of the North Island in Keri keri and finish your day at the bottom of the South Island in Invercargill.

2. A role with real value.

As a Regional Flight Attendant you can be responsible for up to 50 customers at a time. That’s why we make sure you have all the training and support you need.

3. The small things you do make a big difference.

It may not seem like much to give your customer an extra pillow or say some kind words to an anxious child – but it means the world to our customers.

4. Every day is different.

Where are you going today? Who will you be flying with? What challenges will you face and how will you solve them?

5. There are no awkward silences.

From having a laugh with your colleagues to having conversations with your customers about everything from their business meetings to shipping their kids off to the grandparents for the holidays, you’ll always have something to talk about.

6. Seeing New Zealand through other people’s eyes.

It’s a great feeling to see visitors enjoying our country’s natural beauty – watching their eyes light up as you point out landmarks along the journey or seeing the entire plane jostling for position to get a view of a spectacular sunset.

7. Sharing your stories.

As an unofficial tour guide, you can share your unique knowledge of New Zealand with visitors and create lasting memories that they will treasure forever.

Do you Aspire To Fly?

Air Nelson are waiting for you. Apply now at:

Air New Zealand Careers website