Flight Attendant beauty tips

Have you ever wondered how Flight Attendants manage to look SO good, even after a long haul flight? Well, finally – the secrets are out.


1. Keep hydrated.

Drink water and lots of it. Hydration is key.

2. Foundation keeps you fresh.

Invest in long lasting foundation that doesn’t dry out your skin – very important if you are flying up to 12 hours a day.

3. A donut!

Grab a donut for your hair buns, it’s the secret to that perfect look.

4. Water spray.

Regularly use a water spray to keep you fresh.

5. A primer is important.

Use a good primer to ensure your foundation stays in place.

6. Its all about your regime.

Have a good skincare regime.

7. Look for strong hairspray.

Strong hairspray is essential, the hair doesn’t stay like that for that long all by itself!

8. Boost your vitamin intake. 

Take vitamin boosters to get you through the day.

9. Get active. 

Get enough exercise and sunlight. On days off, our Flight Attendants are regularly active outdoors.

10. Use hand cream regularly.  

Use a good hand cream and night cream to prevent skin from drying out.

11. Nutritional food looks after your skin.

Eat nuts for skin health. They’re full of all the good fats and nutrients.

12. Get your beauty sleep.

Take naps when you can. This is essential for our Flight Attendants as their body clock is irregular.

13. Find your perfect perfume.

Invest in a good fresh smelling perfume.

14. Have a secret lip balm. 

Carry a slightly coloured lip balm in your pocket. It prevents your lips from drying out and gives them a hint of glossy colour.

Do you Aspire To Fly?

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