Flight Attendants on a day off

As an Air New Zealand Flight Attendant, when you get a day off, you make the most of it!


Different Flight Attendants have different ways of spending their down time, here are the favourite activities for days off.

1. Getting lost.

Going for big adventures and getting lost in the new surroundings.

2. Exploring.

Jumping on a bike and exploring new cities.

3. Culture seeking.

Embracing local cultures and learning new skills like going to cooking classes.

4. Relaxing.

Indulging in the sea, sun and sand of exotic beaches.

5. Sleep.

And lots of it.

6. Pamper days.

Hotel spas are great for pampering.

7. Meeting people.

Meeting the locals, there is so many interesting stories to find out.

8. New night-life. 

Nights out in a new city.

9. Shopping. 

Exploring new and different shops.

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