Great reasons to join Mt.Cook

Our Regional Flight Attendants love what they do.


Here’s why Flight Attendants at Mt.Cook love what they do;

1. You can feel like a tourist.

Travelling to our beautiful regional destinations gives you the opportunity to explore New Zealand’s tourist hotspots and see our country through their eyes.

2. You get to take part in fun events.

It’s not all just about flying – there are lots of opportunities to represent Air New Zealand at different events around the country, giving you the opportunity to gain new skills and meet new people.

3. You inspire other New Zealanders.

Kids love the little rituals that make travelling with us so special. Even something as small as handing out lollies makes a big impact and you might even inspire them to become just like you when they grow up!

4. You make friends for life.

It’s great to work with people who share the same passion as you do. Even though there are sometimes late nights and weekend shifts, it’s fun if you have a great team around you to have a laugh with.

5. You’ll always have a nice day.

Even on the coldest, rainiest day, you get to fly high over the clouds and see the sun – a sight that will instantly lift your spirits.

6. It’s a job you can be proud of.

Everyone who works at Air New Zealand is focused on delivering good customer service so you can hold your head high and feel proud to work here.

7. No two days are the same.

Working with such a diverse customer group means every day there will be different conversations to have, advice to give and problems to solve. So if you love variety, this is the job for you.

Do you Aspire To Fly?

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