How to become a Flight Attendant

Becoming an Air New Zealand Flight Attendant is an exciting and rewarding career.


We asked our crew to share what advice they have to offer to anyone considering joining the Air New Zealand crew.

1. Your life skills are important.

Get out an experience the world, people and cultures. This will ensure that you excel in your career by being able to relate to all walks of life. Picking up languages will increase your chances of being selected, as good communication with all customers is essential.

2. Supportive family and friends will help.

As you’ll be working shifts, loved ones need to understand your hours won’t be 9 to 5. You’ll be away on weekends, evenings and special occasions.

3. Be adaptable.

You will always be learning. Staying on top of the game will make you great at what you do.

4. Be an expert in customer service.

Treating each customer like a friend is essential to being successful at Air New Zealand.

5. Talk to our friendly Flight Attendants.

Ask them what they love about the role, what the challenges are and the opportunity for growth.

6. Be prepared to work hard.

Being in an enclosed environment, serving up to 700 people per day, odd hours, shift work and customers who can be demanding at times can be very hard work indeed. But if you aspire to fly, it’s all part of the job.

7. Ensure you’re applying for the right reasons.

If you love people, love New Zealand and love making people’s day, then being an Air New Zealand Flight Attendant is the job for you.

Do you Aspire To Fly?

Now you have the inside tips to succeed, apply now at:

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