Why you should join Air Nelson

The advantages of being a Regional Flight Attendant.

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Working as a Flight Attendant for Air Nelson is different but you will love it, here is why you should join the team;

1. You run the show.

As a sole charge Flight Attendant, you hold the key to making your customer’s day. Knowing that you have kept them safe, been there for them during a tough time, or simply made them smile is a very rewarding feeling.

2. There are so many great stories.

The people you’ll meet and the stories they’ll tell you about their travels and experiences will make you want to laugh or cry – and give you some great stories of your own to tell.

3. You never know who’s coming on board.

Your customers make every journey different. Their wide range of personalities will keep you on your toes and ensure there is never a dull moment!

4. The views are spectacular.

Auckland City, Mt Taranaki, Tasman Bay, Bay of Islands… in this job you’ll see the best sights in New Zealand.

5. You’ll board as strangers and disembark as friends.

On a smaller plane with fewer customers it’s easier to make conversation with them – and you may even make a friend by the end of the flight.

6. You’re part of the family.

At Air Nelson you matter to everyone you work with and serve – from customers to pilots, ground crew, support staff and those behind the scenes in the office. Everyone works together to provide the very best experience not only to our customers, but also to and for each other.

7. People remember great customer service.

The little things you do make a big impact on our customers – so don’t be surprised if they remember you on their return journey. What you do makes a big difference.

Do you Aspire To Fly?

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