Life as a Mt.Cook Flight Attendant

Flying local has fantastic perks.


Check out these great reasons to work with us.

1. The opportunity to explore your own back yard.

We live in a beautiful country, but how many people get to experience all the best bits? As a local Flight Attendant you’ll be amazed by the stunning sights you’ll see.

2. Meeting people from all walks.

You never know who’s going to step onto your plane and that’s what makes it exciting. It could a first time visitor, a regular business commuter or a family travelling to a part of the country they’ve never been to before.

3. Showing off our country to visitors.

New Zealand is a dream destination for our visitors and they’ll love hearing insights about the country from a local expert like you.

4. Having an office in the air.

Taking off into the sky on a new adventure every day is so much better than being stuck behind a desk.

5. Delivering our legendary warm and friendly service.

No need to put on airs and graces – we get told time and again how much visitors love our welcoming and down to earth approach.

6. Wearing a uniform that makes you proud.

When you put on the famous koru, it not only says you’re proud to work for Air New Zealand but also marks you out as a true New Zealander.

7. Being appreciated.

Flying can be stressful for many people so there’s no better sense of satisfaction than knowing you have helped make someone’s journey a little bit smoother.

Do you Aspire To Fly?

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