Peculiar things only Flight Attendants hear

Working in a job where you meet hundreds of people each day, you hear the strangest things.


Blame it on the lack of sleep or too much wine with dinner, but passengers have shared some very interesting requests and insights with our Flight Attendants. Below are 11 peculiar conversations or questions;

1. Complicated coffee.

Could I have black coffee with milk please?

2. Curious about sleep.

Do you sleep on the aircraft?

3. Postbox on board?

Do you sell stamps? – On a 747 from Auckland to Los Angeles.

4. Philosophical questions.

What IS light?

5. Coffee is important!

Do you have coffee in New Zealand?

6. Meal time.

I’m vegetarian but I’ll just have the beef casserole!

7. Toilet questions.

Can I use the toilet while the aircraft is on the ground or will it end up on the tarmac?

8. Scared of heights. 

Can you ask the captain to fly lower? I am scared of heights.

9. Mid-flight dilemmas. 

“I want to get off now”.

10. “Its too loud”.

Can the engine noise be turned down; it’s stopping me from sleeping.

11. Addiction. 

Can I go outside for a smoke please? Mid-flight.


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