The most interesting person i’ve met…

As a Flight Attendant, you get to meet all sorts of people on their journeys across the world; From royalty to musical superstars.


We asked our Flight Attendants to share some of their most notable encounters. Here are their top 14;

1. The All Blacks.

Our World Champions are regular flyers and good friends of Air New Zealand.

2. Richard Branson.

The businessman and investor.

3. Neil Diamond!

The Evergreen singer-songwriter.

4. Robbie Williams.

One of the Uk’s biggest stars.

5. The Queen.

Not the rock band but the real deal. Her Majesty The Queen.

6. Paul Hewson.

Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist – aka Bono.

7. Cate Blanchett.

The Academy award-winning actor.

8. Michael Jackson. 

The man in the mirror, or the King of pop.

9. Slash. 

From the American rock band Guns n Roses.

10. Beyonce.  

Queen B.

11. Ed Sheeran.

The A team singer is a big fan of New Zealand.

12. Henry Winkler.

Who? The Fonz!

13. Jack Ma.

The CEO of Alibaba. He’s worth a Google search.

14. Lorde. 

Our very own chart topper.

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