The most surprising perks

Being a Flight Attendant is a truly rewarding job.


We asked our Flight Attendants to share the top perks of the job, and there are some you mightn’t expect…

1. Fashion comes first.

Flight Attendants get to buy clothes that won’t be available in New Zealand for at least a year!

2. Customer gratification.

There is huge gratification to have helped save a life, make a child’s day and offer solutions to distressed customers. Giving is always rewarding.

3. Bargains and discounts!

There are great bargains around the world. There are even discounts with the Air New Zealand ID.

4. Lifelong friends.

The flight crew become your family and are true friends for life.

5. The Views!

Flight Attendants enjoy the best views that you will ever experience.

6. The variation.

No day is the same. With different passengers, different crew and different destinations, it makes a very interesting and exciting lifestyle.

7. Down time.

On stopovers, you’ll get a nice room and TV remote all to yourself! A simple, yet desired luxury.

8. Travel perks. 

And last but not least, yes it’s the famous cheap travel!

Do you Aspire To Fly?

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